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Monday, September 27
10:15 - 13:25
Special Session: MA.L1: Image Processing for Stereo Digital Cinema Production S224+S225
MA.L3: Statistical-model Based Methods I S226
MA.L4: Morphology and Regression S227
MA.L5: Mosaicing, Registration, and Alignment I S423
MA.L6: Transform Coding I S424
MA.L7: Image Processing for Watermarking I S425
MA.L8: Segmentation I S426
MA.L9: Classification I S427
MA.L10: Detection, Tracking, and Recognition of Objects I S428
MA.PA: Perception and Quality Models for Images S222+S223 Poster Area PA
MA.PB: Multiresolution Processing of Images and Video S222+S223 Poster Area PB
MA.PC: Inpainting and Image Synthesis S222+S223 Poster Area PC
MA.PD: Joint Source/Channel Coding and Lossless Coding S221 Poster Area PD
MA.PE: Multispectral and Wavelet-based Coding S221 Poster Area PE
MA.PF: Video Signal Capture and Display S221 Poster Area PF
MA.PG: Medical Imaging S221 Poster Area PG
MA.PH: Active-contour and Level-set Methods S221 Poster Area PH
MA.PI: Video Surveillance S221 Poster Area PI
MA.PJ: Motion Estimation and Optical Flow S221 Poster Area PJ
14:45 - 17:55
MP.L1: Huawei Best Student Paper Award Special Session S224+S225
MP.L3: Image and Video Representation I S226
MP.L4: Interpolation and Superresolution I S227
MP.L5: Mosaicing, Registration, and Alignment II S423
MP.L6: Motion Compensated Coding I S424
MP.L7: Image and Video Processing for Security I S425
MP.L8: Indexing and Retrieval I S426
MP.L9: Classification II S427
MP.L10: Detection, Tracking, and Recognition of Objects II S428
MP.PA: Saliency and Attention Modeling S222+S223 Poster Area PA
MP.PB: Deblurring and Denoising S222+S223 Poster Area PB
MP.PC: Image Registration and Fusion S222+S223 Poster Area PC
MP.PD: Transform Coding II S221 Poster Area PD
MP.PE: Scalable Coding and Multiple Description Coding S221 Poster Area PE
MP.PF: Color and Multispectral Imaging S221 Poster Area PF
MP.PG: Computational Imaging S221 Poster Area PG
MP.PH: Shape and Region Models S221 Poster Area PH
MP.PI: Event Detection S221 Poster Area PI
MP.PJ: Pose Estimation and Change Detection S221 Poster Area PJ
Tuesday, September 28
10:15 - 13:25
Special Session: TA.L1: Cognitive Science in Image and Video Analysis S224
TA.L2: Edge and Boundary Detection S225
TA.L3: Sparse Representation S226
TA.L4: Image Enhancement I S227
TA.L5: Segmentation and Quantitative Analysis I S423
TA.L6: Forensic Imaging S424
TA.L7: Stereo and Multiview Processing S425
TA.L8: Rendering I S426
TA.L9: Object Recognition and Classification I S427
TA.L10: Face Recognition and Understanding I S428
TA.PA: Statistical-model Based Methods II S222+S223 Poster Area PA
TA.PB: Linear and Nonlinear Image Filtering I S222+S223 Poster Area PB
TA.PC: Interpolation and Superresolution II S222+S223 Poster Area PC
TA.PD: Motion Compensated Coding II S221 Poster Area PD
TA.PE: Image and Video Processing for Security II S221 Poster Area PE
TA.PF: Scanned Document Analysis, Processing, and Coding S221 Poster Area PF
TA.PG: Segmentation II S221 Poster Area PG
TA.PH: Classification III S221 Poster Area PH
Special Session: TA.PI: Spectral Image Processing and Data Fusion in Surveillance Systems S221 Poster Area PI
TA.PJ: Indexing and Retrieval II S221 Poster Area PJ
14:45 - 17:55
Special Session: TP.L1: State of the Art in 3D Media Networking and Broadcasting S224
TP.L2: Body Models and Gait Analysis S225
TP.L3: Perception and Quality Models for Images and Video S226
TP.L4: Image Enhancement II S227
TP.L5: Segmentation and Quantitative Analysis II S423
TP.L6: Coding and Watermarking by Perceptual Modeling S424
TP.L7: Multiview Coding and Quality Analysis S425
TP.L8: Scene Analysis I S426
TP.L9: Object Recognition and Classification II S427
TP.L10: Face Recognition and Understanding II S428
TP.PA: Image and Video Representation II S222+S223 Poster Area PA
TP.PB: Linear and Nonlinear Image Filtering II S222+S223 Poster Area PB
TP.PC: Interpolation and Superresolution III S222+S223 Poster Area PC
TP.PD: Video Compression Standards and Transcoding S221 Poster Area PD
TP.PE: Video Streaming S221 Poster Area PE
TP.PF: 3D Modeling, Synthesis and Processing S221 Poster Area PF
TP.PG: Segmentation III S221 Poster Area PG
TP.PH: Fingerprint, Palmprint and Hand Analysis S221 Poster Area PH
Special Session: TP.PI: Recent Advances in High Dynamic Range Imaging Technology S221 Poster Area PI
TP.PJ: Semantic Analysis and Retrieval S221 Poster Area PJ
Wednesday, September 29
10:15 - 13:25
Special Session: WA.L1: Quality of Experience in Emerging Multimedia Systems and Applications S224
WA.L3: Space-Variant and Bilateral Filtering S226
WA.L4: Multiframe Image Restoration S227
WA.L5: Compressive Sensing S423
WA.L6: Video Compression Standards S424
WA.L7: Stereoscopic, Multiview and 3D coding S425
WA.L8: Foreground/Background Segregation S426
WA.L9: Human Detection and Tracking S427
WA.L10: Pose Estimation S428
WA.PA: Image and Video Sensing and Acquisition S222+S223 Poster Area PA
WA.PB: Image Enhancement III S222+S223 Poster Area PB
WA.PC: Segmentation and Quantitative Analysis III S222+S223 Poster Area PC
WA.PD: Image Processing for Watermarking II S221 Poster Area PD
WA.PE: Distributed Coding S221 Poster Area PE
WA.PF: Hardware and Software Systems for Image and Video Processing S221 Poster Area PF
WA.PG: Face Recognition and Understanding III S221 Poster Area PG
WA.PH: Object Recognition and Classification III S221 Poster Area PH
WA.PI: Detection, Tracking, and Recognition of Objects III S221 Poster Area PI
WA.PJ: Rendering II S221 Poster Area PJ
14:45 - 17:55
Special Session: WP.L1: 3D Video Quality Assessment S224
WP.L2: Iris and Retinal Analysis S225
WP.L3: Level Set Methods S226
WP.L4: Anisotropic Diffusion S227
WP.L5: Inverse Methods and Reconstruction S423
WP.L6: Scalable Coding S424
WP.L7: Camera and Projector Calibration S425
WP.L9: Shape Models and Metrics S427
WP.L10: Shape-from-X S428
WP.PA: Scanning, Sampling and Quantization S222+S223 Poster Area PA
WP.PB: Computer Assisted Screening and Diagnosis S222+S223 Poster Area PB
WP.PC: Biomedical Image Registration and Fusion S222+S223 Poster Area PC
WP.PD: Multimedia Coding and Transmission S221 Poster Area PD
WP.PF: Image Hardware Systems S221 Poster Area PF
WP.PG: Face Recognition and Understanding IV S221 Poster Area PG
WP.PH: Object Recognition and Classification IV S221 Poster Area PH
WP.PI: Detection, Tracking, and Recognition of Objects IV S221 Poster Area PI
WP.PJ: Scene Analysis II S221 Poster Area PJ