ISCAS 2002

IEEE International Symposium

on Circuits and Systems

Sunday, 26 May 2002 - Wednesday, 29 May 2002

Scottsdale Princess Resort

Scottsdale, Arizona

ISCAS 2002 Theme: Circuits and Systems for Ubiquitous Computing


JPEG2000 - A whole new philosophy in Still Image Coding
Amitava Das
Shailesh Ramamurthy
Sunday May 26, 2002, 8:30 AM - 11:45 AM


JPEG2000 (ISO/IEC 15444), the new generation still image coding technology, offers a unified coding framework for a variety of still image types (bi-level, gray-scale, color, multi-component) with very different characteristics (natural, scientific, medical and remotely sensed images, text, rendered graphics, etc). Areas where this technology scores over existing still image coding standards include superior low bit-rate operation, progressive spatial as well as quality scalability, transmission in noisy environments, Region of Interest Coding, and, a unified system for lossy and lossless coding.

This tutorial covers the algorithmic and implementation aspects of JPEG2000, and includes the following modules:

  • Introduction to JPEG2000
  • Data ordering and Code-Stream assembly in JPEG2000
  • The Wavelet Transform
  • The Coefficient Bit Modeler and Arithmetic Coder
  • Rate Control in JPEG2000 - an overview
  • Future directions

Apart from the theoretical aspects covered in this tutorial, the concepts will be illustrated with relevant examples and demonstrations. This tutorial targets engineers, researchers and hardware designers interested in JPEG-2000 technology.

About the Presenters:

Dr Amitav Das is currently heading the DSP Operations at Motorola India Electronics Pvt. Limited, in Bangalore, India, and has been working in the area of Digital Signal Processing and Signal Compression for the last 16 years. Prior to joining Motorola, he worked in for various US companies including Qualcomm and Philips Research, in the area of signal compression involving speech, video and image, designing custom silicons. Dr. Das holds several patents, has over 20 publications and he has been an active participant and contributor to related international standard bodies.

Dr. Das holds a PhD from University of California, Santa Barbara, an M.S. from RPI and a B. E. from Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India.

Shailesh Ramamurthy has been working in the area of image and signal processing for the last 6 years. At present, he leads the JPEG-2000 program at Motorola India Electronics Pvt. Limited. Shailesh has been an active participant in the JPEG2000 program Motorola-wide, and also in the JPEG-2000 Standard Committee meetings.

Shailesh was awarded the Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma Gold medal for his M Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and holds a B. E. from VJTI, Bombay.

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